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Skills for Language Arts Honors Mon@2:00 PM EST

with SocSci Instructor (M.A. or PhD)


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This dialectic level language arts course is the beginning point for most students (6th-9th grade). It will teach students how to read well. Good readers read with a pen. One does not read unless one is marking up the text. Competent readers ask pertinent questions and predict as they read. For instance, when they read The Yearling, they will predict the ending. This skill will increase comprehension. Furthermore, good reader’s look for the author’s purpose, the intended audience, the development and support of the main idea, and the structure/coherence of the work. Finally, good readers read a lot. Good writers are always good readers. This course will teach students how to write well. Great writers are always great readers. Writing is very difficult to do well. It takes planning, courage, and energy. Young writers are occasionally inspired when they write, and inspiration does make writing more pleasant, but it does not make it any easier to do. No, inspired writing takes a lot of time and must be practiced frequently. This course asks students to write often about literature. Whole book literary sources include: Life with Father, The Song of Hiawatha, Great Expectations and The Yearling. This course includes basic grammar and writing composition, and mastering this time-honored skill will set your students apart with distinguished written and oral abilities. Suggested companion: Studies in World History, Vols. 1-3.

  • Aug 22nd, 2022 - Apr 30th, 2023
    Mon for 30 weeks from 2:00 pm

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