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AP Microeconomics (Time TBA)

with SocSci Instructor (M.A. or PhD)


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AP Microeconomics

BIG IDEA 1: SCARCITY AND MARKETS (MKT) Limited resources and unlimited wants result in the need to make choices. In a market economy, the choices of buyers and sellers determine market prices and the allocation of scarce resources.

BIG IDEA 2: COSTS, BENEFITS, AND MARGINAL ANALYSIS (CBA) There are trade-offs associated with any decision. Making optimal decisions requires evaluating the additional costs and benefits of possible actions.

BIG IDEA 3: PRODUCTION CHOICES AND BEHAVIOR (PRD) Firms seek to minimize costs and maximize profits, which influences their production decisions in the short run and long run.

BIG IDEA 4: MARKET INEFFICIENCY AND PUBLIC POLICY (POL) Private markets can fail to allocate resources efficiently, and well-designed public policy can endeavor to promote greater efficiency and equity in the economy.

  • Aug 22nd, 2022 - Apr 30th, 2023
    Wed for 30 weeks from 1:00 pm

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