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Accelerated Algebra 2 / Pre-Calc Tue-Thu TBA

with Mark Kover, M.S.


* SPRING Semester Course

Course Description:  This course is a full-year Algebra 2 / Pre-Calc course, taught to advanced students & completed in 1 semester's time.

Classical to the CORE:

Areas of focus are vertically aligned to the mathematical practices that are fundamental to the discipline of mathematics in high school, AP courses, and beyond. This gives students multiple opportunities to think and work like mathematicians as they develop and strengthen these disciplinary reasoning skills throughout their education:

  • Connections among multiple representations: Students represent mathematical concepts in a variety of forms and move fluently among the forms.  
  • Greater authenticity of applications and modeling: Students create and use mathematical models to understand and explain authentic scenarios. 
  • Engagement in mathematical argumentation: Students use evidence to craft mathematical conjectures and prove or disprove them.

Algebra 2 / Pre-Calc has 4main units --> Unit 1: Modeling with Function (~7 weeks); Unit 2: Algebra of Functions (~6 weeks); Unit 3: Function Families (~9 weeks); Unit 4: Trigonometric Functions (~6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Accelerated Algebra 1

  • Aug 23rd, 2022 - Apr 30th, 2023
    Thu for 30 weeks from 1:00 pm

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